Thursday, July 16, 2009

Surprise rooftop concert attracts thousands in NYC.


** Just finished watching an astounding web-only video of a true legend -- former Beatle Paul McCartney performing a seven-song, 30-minute set late yesterday afternoon/evening on top of the marquee of the Ed Sullivan Theater in NYC, attracting thousands on the streets near Broadway and 53rd.

** CBS/Viacom/Worldwide Pants have since taken down the 22-minute video which showed five songs that never aired on network television. The other two songs ("Get Back" and "Sing the Changes") -- were integrated into the Letterman show itself, where he was last night's solo guest -- in conjunction with a summer concert tour throughout the U.S. to promote his "Electric Arguments" album (released last year).

** Although just one video remains ("Get Back"), what's striking about it is: 1) the crowd reaction, filled with a mix of young and old, many watching from the windows of nearby high-rises and, 2) at age 67, Sir Paul still has a vigorous ability to churn out "lesser tunes" from his legendary songbook -- in a way that's entertainingly RAW, away from the antiseptic effects of a recording studio.

** Coming full circle with the Beatles in 1964 at the Ed Sullivan Theater -- and then back to the same theater in 2009 -- is pretty amazing. The other five songs in the seven-song set that McCartney played: "Coming Up" (1980), "Band on the Run" (1973), "Let Me Roll It" (1973), "Helter Skelter" (1968) and "Back in the USSR" (1968).

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