Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day? -- (And some thoughts about bad e-cards.)

** Greetings to all Canadian expatriates living in this country who are still proud to call themselves Canadian -- and in fact, who make it a point to remind me they're Canadian -- every chance they get!

** This also allows me to segue into a discussion about an ultra-hilarious website that many cyber-savvy users have long known about for sometime. It's called On this august occasion -- see below a series of "Canada Day-themed" e-cards created by the site. They give you a good idea of the deadpan, sarcastic and occasionally offensive sense of humor embraced by its fans:

** I was introduced to Someecards in 2007 by Ari Wells, an art director at Roni Hicks & Associates in San Diego. Shortly after an informal bull-session in a brainstorming room -- (where no one was brainstorming, just sort of hanging out) -- she e-mailed me the following from the site:

** I laughed out loud and replied with this:

** Obviously, I'm a big fan of Someecards. I do not endorse the use of e-cards to replace traditional cards -- or picking up the phone to say thank you -- (because some are lame and the exercise itself feels kind of cheap). But I do make an exception when it comes to

** However, it's obviously not for everyone. (And if you work in a politically correct environment, NEVER send such cyber greeting cards while "on the clock" -- nor ever use your office e-mail program.)

** Someecards is the product of two creative wunderkinds who come from the agency world -- Brook Lundy and Duncan Mitchell. You can read an article about Brook Lundy, co-founder and president -- that was published sometime back at the Huffington Post.

** An entry at Wikipedia claims Someecards especially appeals "to younger urban audiences." I don't quite believe it -- because most users with whom I've interacted with the site -- were born before 1980. The site is advertiser-supported, but little is known about how much revenue it brings in. Someecards does boast, however, some very high profile sponsors, including several major online retailers and movie distribution companies. It has been embraced by many users of social networking sites throughout the United States.

** On some days, its wry and occasionally demented observations about relationships, the workplace and world events -- are just the tonic to lift your spirits! I say, give Someecards a whirl! (No, I do not work for

(Original material © 2009 by David Kusumoto.)

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